The Company…

In 2009, Lawville Solutions became the holding company for Odd Couple         Productions and Divine Write Pictures, with the goal of establishing two       distinct modes of film development and production. We welcome the participation of financiers, studios, distributors and production companies that have interest in the vision behind our films.

What if?1Divine Write Pictures: While Lawville Solutions, LLC endeavors to produce material that is both, high-concept and original, the company is also very aware that the two terms are often mutually exclusive… In fact, some of the most successful films have come from the minds of writers or filmmakers who saw fit to buck the conventional wisdom of Hollywood storycraft and box office projections. Adherence to passion and artistic integrity is the impetus behind such films.  It is also the rationale for Divine Write Pictures.

Divine Write Pictures stands by Lawville Solutions’ motto, “High Concept with Originality”, but places greater emphasis on “originality.”  The division has been established to develop the kinds of projects that aren’t easily explained in two sentences, or adequately summed up in a one-minute pitch. Our focus is on material that is nuanced, story driven and highly conceptual (literally).


Odd Couple Productions: In Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple” a neurotic, neat-freak news writer moves in with a sloppy, uncouth sports writer. The two often butt heads, but in the end are not only friends, but also a necessary balance to the others extreme nature.  Odd Couple Productions sees the relationship between studios and filmmakers in much the same way, and has been established to further Lawville Solutions, LLC’s goal of creating high-concept cinema with originality, but with the emphasis on “high-concept”.

Odd Couple Pictures recognize “the wisdom of the ages” in studio movie making and operates under the premise that great movies can be made by tweaking the wheel, without trying to reinvent it.  Therefore, our mission is to develop the kinds of motion pictures that have historically proven to be successful business ventures for studios, distributors and financiers, while fulfilling our promise to provide fresh and original entertainment to film goers.